FRIEDRICH ATEX-Vibrator Motor FE-Type

FE models are designed with increased safety “Ex e” for use in areas with potential hazard by dust (zone 21 and 22) or gas (Zone 1) in accordance with directive 94/9/EC and 2014/34/EU.
Vibrator motors with approval according to equipment group II 2.
EC type-examination: KEMA 03 ATEX 2233X, IECEx KEM10.0076X
Temperature class: T3 or T4

General specifications
Abbildung eines FRIEDRICH ATEX-Vibrator Motor FE-Type

General specifications

Power Supply:
Voltages from 115 V to 690 V at 50 Hz available

Degree of protection:
IP 66

Thermal class:
F (155 °C) according to DIN EN 60034-1

Tropical insulation:

Thermal overload protection:
As standard PTC 120 °C

Electrical Connection:
Used exclusively on Ex e motors. These rubber hose assemblies are ideal for heavy mechanical stress according to VDE0282 Part 4, such as the type H07RN-F or A07RN-F or higher grade cable. There are 7-wire cable for zones 21 and 22 used as the PTC and can also be connected with this cable. Specifically: 3x phase, 1x Grounding, 2x PTC, 1x unoccupied. Some motors may also be a 4-wire cable for the live conductors and cables for the PTC, which a second cable gland is used. For this purpose, please contact FRIEDRICH Schwingtechnik.
Mounted on the motor terminal box is an ATEX-sealing plug and ATEX Cable gland. Use only certified components for assembly of the cable. The O-ring for sealing must be installed and undamaged.

Permissible Ambient Temperature:
-20 °C to +40 °C

Operating Mode:
Continuous operation (S1) and discontinuous operation at 100 % centrifugal force.

Hoods made from pressed sheet metal or stainless steel comprise the special shape. A silicone seal provides optimum protection against the ingress of dust and water.

The built-in special cylindrical roller bearings with increased load capacity and clearance, are lubricated with a special grease for life.

Without limitation, motors can be mounted in any position.

Color Coating:
Standard RAL 6011. Other colors available on request.

Type Code:
The type code is read as follows:
First block number = Working Moment in kgcm
(working moment = 2 x static moment)
This is followed by a hyphen and then the pole number.
Where: 4 = 1460 rpm 6 = 980 rpm (at 50 Hz mains frequency).
Behind the second dash, the size is specified.