FRIEDRICH Stoneware Vibrator Motor FW-Type

Our special vibrator motors for the stoneware industry are built maintenance-free with the support of over 40 years of success. These motors are assembled with a special winding for increased power and start-stop performance.

General specifications
Abbildung eines FRIEDRICH Stoneware Vibrator Motor FW-Type

General specifications

The built-in special cylindrical roller bearings with increased load capacity and clearance, are lubricated with a special grease for life.

Power Supply:
Voltages from 115 V to 690 V available in 50 Hz

Degree of protection:
IP 54

Thermal class:
F (155 °C) according to DIN EN 60034-1

Tropical insulation:

Electrical connection:
Use high flexible cable for heavy mechanical stress.Example: H07RN-F or A07RN-F according to DIN VDE 0282.

Permissible ambient temperature:
-20 to +40 °C

Operating mode:
Continuous operation (S1) and discontinuous operation at 100 % centrifugal force.

Without limitation, motors can be mounted in any position.

Color coating:
Standard RAL 6011. Other colors available on request.

Type code:
The type code is read as follows:
First block number = working moment in kgcm
(working moment = 2 x static moment)
This is followed by a hyphen and then the pole number.
Where: 4 = 1460 rpm 6 = 980 rpm (at 50 Hz mains frequency).
Behind the second dash, the size is specified.